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environmental action
Lorena Aguilar  

Areas of Environmental Action:

Education, Conservation, Health, Sustainable Consumption 

Summary of Achievements:

Lorena Aguilar (Costa Rica) is senior gender advisor to the World Conservation Union and regional coordinator of the Social Area in Mesoamerica.

She is an international advisor for numerous organizations, governments and universities on topics related to water, environmental health, and gender and community participation. With a Master's degree in anthropology, Aguilar, who majored in cultural ecology at the University of Kansas, has worked for nine years in the field of development and in the design of public policy projects in Central America. For the past eight years she has been actively engaged in the incorporation of social and gender aspects into the use and conservation of natural resources in Mesoamerica. She has published 20 books and several publications about gender and environment, environmental health, and public policy involving equity issues. 


Lorena Aguilar
355 Lexington Ave., 3rd Floor
New York
"United States of America

Website: www.wedo.org