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Eileen Wani Wingfield  

Areas of Environmental Action:


Summary of Achievements:

Working tirelessly, despite their age and failing health, Brown and Wingfield have brought the Aboriginal peoples’ fight against the proposed nuclear dump to the world stage. They have traveled 3,000 kilometers—a three-day bus trip—to protest the dump. They have written government officials, visited Parliament House, brought their message to the Olympic games in Sydney and partnered with the environmental community in Australia’s urban centers to organize the successful online www.IratiWanti.org
campaign. Eighty-seven percent of South Australians recently polled oppose construction of the radioactive waste dump.

Despite this opposition, the Australian government is plowing ahead with their plans to build the dump. They are set to spend over a quarter million on a “re-education” public relations campaign to address the “concerns” of South Australians and sway state public opinion. All federal assessments for the radioactive waste dump are complete. The federal government has given clear indication that it will attempt to override South Australia’s state laws and continue Australia’s shameful legacy of poisoning Aboriginal land and people.

Brown, Wingfield and the Kungka Tjuta elders have their own legacy to fulfill. They will continue to fight the dump site and pass on vital cultural and environmental lessons learned from their grandmothers.

“We’re worrying for the country and we’re worrying for our kids,” wrote the Kungka Tjuta in a letter of opposition to the dump site. “We say NO radioactive waste dump in our ngura—in our country. Don’t waste our country. Don’t waste our future.”



Eileen Wani Wingfield