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Fatima Jibrell  

Areas of Environmental Action:

Marine and Coastal Areas, Sustainable Consumption 

Summary of Achievements:

Fatima Jibrell Born 1950 In April 2002 Fatima Jibreel a Somali woman , who studied in the USA, and returned to Somalia in 1990, was awarded The Goldman Environmental Prize. This award is given to grassroots environmental heroes. Charcoal exporters gave Ms Jibrell the award because she has saved Somalia from the devastation of logging. She fought to preserve the environment out in the villages and rural communities. In particular she has saved the northeast region of Somalia from the destruction of acacia trees. The acacia tree is sacred to the Bedouin tribes. These trees, which are up to 500 years old, were used to make ‘black gold’ or charcoal. Charcoal is a relatively inexpensive fuel that perfectly suits the users needs. However it is very inefficient to produce and use, and is completely destroying valuable forests. She persuaded the regional government to make and enforce a ban on exports of charcoal to the Gulf States. She has also
· Taught people to build rock dams to slow the flow of water and soil to the sea.
· Helped them to discover the power of solar energy and other alternative energy sources.
· She has begun educating people, in the rural areas including nomads, new skills and ways to conserve and preserve the environment.
She is the founder and leader of the Horn of Africa Relief and Development Organization. She works across the boundaries of clans in Somalia. She also speaks out against the destruction of the marine environment in Somalia.

source: www.bristol-cyps.org.uk/services/emas/materials/pdf/english/Fatima_Jibrell.pdf -



Fatima Jibrell
Executive Director
Horn of Africa Relief and Development Organization (Horn Relief)
PO Box 70331
Nairobi, Kenya


Email: fjibrell@hornrelief.org
Website: http://www.hornrelief.org