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Martha Watkins Gilkes  

Areas of Environmental Action:

Marine and Coastal Areas, Sport 

Summary of Achievements:

Martha Watkins Gilkes has worked for over 20 years for the promotion and conservation of the marine environment in the press and media throughout the Caribbean. She is a leading women diver/explorer of the Eastern Caribbean, having explored and documented shipwrecks on 14 Caribbean Islands as well as other shipwrecks worldwide .

When the Women Divers' Hall of Fame met in plenary session in New York recently, they elected long time Antigua resident Martha Watkins Gilkes as their President.
The Women Divers' Hall of Fame is an international not-for-profit organization established to recognize the elite and outstanding women divers whose achievements have enriched the worldwide scuba diving community.
As a part of their mission the Women Divers' Hall of Fame provides educational, financial, and mentorship resources and support for women divers of all ages, but especially those who are preparing for professional careers in diving. Members are leading women divers throughout the world whose dramatic contributions to the underwater world may be found in the arts, sciences, medicine, sport, exploration, archeology, media, safety, education, service business, environment and conservation.

Martha Watkins Gilkes has been a professional scuba diving instructor since 1979. For twenty-five years she has worked with such professional underwater filmmakers as Stan Waterman of “Blue water, White Death.” She holds instructor ratings in the scuba diving skills of Wreck Diving, Night Diving, Deep Diving, Underwater Photography and Medic First Aid In 1994 she received the coveted Platinum Pro 5000 Award for achieving over 5000 hours underwater exploring shipwrecks, caves and caverns, in both salt water and fresh water environments throughout tropical and cold water diving throughout the world. “Martha has earned these accomplishments diving through the oceans of the world.”

Today, Martha Watkins Gilkes is Antigua based, and serves as Diving Liaison Officer for the Historical and Archaeology Society of Antigua and Barbuda. She continues to be an ardent marine conservationist and environmentalist dedicated to promoting of freedom of dolphins throughout the world.



Martha Watkins Gilkes

"Antigua and Barbuda