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Areas of
environmental action
Kamla Chowdhry  

Areas of Environmental Action:

Forest, Land, Sustainable Consumption 

Summary of Achievements:

Co-Chair, Global Peace Initiative of Women, Dr. Kamla Chowdhry has worked to build institutions of rural management and is involved with environmental concerns related to degraded lands, deforestation, and watershed. She is presently studying the importance of culture, dharma, and sustainable development. She is a member of UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan's Eminent Persons Advisory Group for Sustainable Development in preparation for Rio +10 and is co-chair of the Earth Charter Initiative.

A student of Mahatma Gandhi, Ms. Chowdhry is an ardent proponent of non-violence.

Kamla Chowdhry (Co-chair): Member of the World Bank's Advisory Committee on Environment and Sustainable Development; member of the World Commission on Forestry and Sustainable Development; member of CGIAR-NGO Committee; professor at the Indian Institute of Management (1962-1972) and visiting professor at Harvard Business School (1967-68); consultant to the Atomic Energy Commission, Indian Space Organization, and private and public sector organizations (1962-1972); program advisor for the Public Planning and Management Committee of The Ford Foundation (1973-1983); advised Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi on the establishment of the National Wastelands Development Board, and was head of Board during its initial period (1985-1988).

Dr. Chowdhry holds a doctorate in Social Psychology.


Kamla Chowdhry
Shriram Bharatiya
Kala Kendra Building 1
Copernicus Marg.
New Delhi 110001,

New Delhi
'India '