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environmental action
Ursula Carrascal  

Areas of Environmental Action:

Education, Conservation, Marine and Coastal Areas, Poverty 

Summary of Achievements:

Ursula is a young professional involved in social and cultural activities since she was 9. As a journalist she writes and work giving information to people, especially young, and the basic tools to improve their lives and livelihoods.

Why fight? For her, everyone has a white book, one that we need write with our actions. She wishes that hers it be full of positive moments that have helped to reduce poverty and the suffering not only of human also nature.

Living in a developing country, she knows the meaning of discrimination, corruption, and poverty. Almost, she has not been a poor person; she has been in direct contact with the communities and facing the same problems because system. Being and working with the society, its young people, its children and local leaders she feel each day she grows as human. “To speak about poverty, we need touch it and to feel the hunger, those that fight in name of the problem and don’t know which is its really face, they wouldn’t get the cause of it”, Ursula said.

The contact of Ursula with different leaders around the world, has allowed she can understand better her knowledge about how to work in synergic and thinking globally but acting locally. Thanks her activism in environmental and human rights Ursula has learned to relate the external contexts with the reality of our towns.

She can’t denied what important is be volunteer to value each moment we do for a project and cause. “We fight because love, because we are dreamers”. Almost she won the International Youth Ecology Prize in 2000, Ursula believes she needs do much more in environment. For her, people now are destroying the last chance to keep in the Earth. That is because she is Vice President of VIDA (a non profit environmental institution), and decided to enjoy International Young Professional Foundation from 2003, where she is Network & Program Leader, Latin America & The Caribbean. As journalist she have been creating her own media association, and being the coordinator of the cultural area of a Latin American news agency from Sweden.

About YES, Ursula was the YES Peru national coordinator from 2002 to 2004, where actually she is an adviser. Now she works regionally whit YES Campaign being the Media and Project Coordinator of YES Latin America. “YES is more than a big network, it is a family working against poverty and helping in make MDGs a reality”.

She also is the coordinator and Huella Emprendedora Project, a proposal that is being worked between YES Latin America and IYPF and she is a Master Student of Gender, Policy and Society.

Source: http://profiles.takingitglobal.org/Ursula


Ursula Carrascal
Lima 1029 San Miguel
'Peru '

Email: ucarrascal@yahoo.es
Website: www.yesamericalatina.org