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Fernanda Giannasi  

Areas of Environmental Action:

Health, Law, Forest, Urban Environment 

Summary of Achievements:

For more than 20 years, Fernanda Giannasi has been campaigning to raise awareness of the terrible effects of hazardous asbestos exposures on workers, the public and the environment. She has highlighted the effects of asbestos contamination in mining areas, in the countryside and in the towns in her home nation of Brazil.

To protect others from these hazards, Ms. Giannasi has played a leading role in the ban asbestos movement in Latin America.

Ms. Giannasi was born in 1958 and studied as an engineer in Brazil. She has been a Labor Inspector for the Ministry of Labor since 1983.

She is a founding member of ABREA, the national association which represents Brazilian asbestos victims and has worked tirelessly with them since the mid-1990s.

She has been a public interest advocate on a number of issues involving occupational and environmental health including asbestos, mercury and nuclear energy.

She is an advisor to several labor unions on occupational health and environmental issues and is a Professor of post-graduate courses in Work Safety Engineering as well as Envrionmental Law and Human Resources. She is often called upon to testify as an expert witness by the Brazilian Courts.

For her work and dedication, she is respected all over the world and has received multiple Brazilian and international awards.

She has also received death threats and lawsuits from asbestos industry stakeholders who wish to continue their profitable operations despite the human and environmental consequences.



Fernanda Giannasi
ABREA, Av. Santo Antonio, 683- Jardim Alvorada, 06086-070, Osasco,
Sao Paulo Brazil
Sao Paulo
'Brazil '

Email: fer.giannasi@terra.com.br
Website: www.abrea.org