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Sukulu Rupeni  

Areas of Environmental Action:

Bioversity, Climate Change, Education, Marine and Coastal Areas 

Summary of Achievements:

Sukulu Rupeni works with marine scientists and experts on climate and variability change from the University of the South Pacific to raise awareness in Fiji communities on the topic. The major project is called Climate Change and Variability Implications on Biodiveristy Youth Scenario Simulationss.

This project takes a holistic integrated approach to sustainable development through the integration of climate and variability change with biodiversity conservation and the fostering of the contribution of youth. We recognize that our youth are the future custodians of the Pacific Islands resources and their contribution to community resource management is vital to ensuring security and availability of resources for the next generations.

The project works with communities that are a part of the Fiji Locally Managed Marine Area Network and have resource management plans.

"We train youth from those target communities on climate and variability change, biodiversity and sustainable development. Once youth have acquired these information, we work with them to create plays, songs and traditional dances on the topic. These productions are rehearsed and once ready, they are performed as awareness tools in the communities. A community awareness drama performance ends with actors and audience discussing the issues performed and it is hoped that we can assist communities draw up plans for action. This is one way of involving youth in resource management, another step in this project process is youth implementing at least two soft measure adaptation options in their own community e.g. planting corals, planting mangroves, tabu area for a special bird etc. or helping out with a bigger adaptation option decided by the whole community e.g. building a sea wall, reclaiming land, fixing roof gutters for clean water passage etc." says Sukulu.

Source: IUCN http://www.iucn.org/en/about/secretariat.htm 


Sukulu Rupeni
Institute of Applied Science
Faculty of Science and Technology
Private Bag, Laucala Campus,
Suva, Fiji.
'Fiji '

Email: rupeni_su@usp.ac.fj
Website: http://www.usp.ac.fj/