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T.K Omana  

Areas of Environmental Action:

Bioversity, Sustainable Consumption 

Summary of Achievements:

The nominee Ms. Omana T.K. is a social worker with more than 25 years experiences in rural development, has continuously responded to the emerging environmental issues, with a global vision and grassroots action by promoting technologies that reduce the emission of green house gases as well as the consumption of fossil fuel. She work through the organisation she set up, RASTA(www.rastaindia.org) in Kerala, India, one of the hots pots of biodiversity. This region is solely depending on agriculture for sustenance and the over exploitation of natural resources for agriculture resulted in unfavourable weather pattern, severe water scarcity, high incidences of pest and diseases and increased crop failures. The Organisation supported farmers and women agriculturists with environment friendly technologies. She has promoted the 1200 self help groups of women agriculturists covering 20000 poor families. These groups have adopted sustainable farming practices. Ms. Omana is one among the 1000 women selected world wide for nominating to Nobel peace prize 2005 http://1000peacewomen.org/eng/html/nominierte/treffer.php?ID=202 ) The achievements include: 400 house holds provided with Smokeless Chullah, an improved version of traditional chullah that can reduce firewood consumption by 50% and there by reducing the emission of green house gases. 1820 compost tanks supported for farmers using NADEP model which can produce, 7000 tonnes of organic manure annually that reduced the dependency on external inorganic fertiliser. Developed site-specific technologies where rice farming can be done under aerobic soil conditions that practically eliminate the methane production and this is disseminated to 1500 farmers Milch cattle support for 1015 families that produce 1500 tonnes of organic inputs annually and 200 biogas system that reduce dependency on fossil fuel. Organized 1570 women under Water users Women group for Rural Water and Sanitation project that ensures the judicial use of drinking water. 3330 Houses has been provided with UNDP model Twin pit sanitary latrines that check the water pollution 228 drinking water awareness program, leaflets and palmlets disseminated on safe drinking water practices and planting of trees Solar lighting systems for 175 families of the Self Help groups which has no access to main grid connection Dissemination of Azolla (atmospheric nitrogen fixing plant) production technology to 20000 farmers. Azolla can supply free nitrogen at the rate of 100 to 170 Kg/hec per year enabling substantial reduction in purchase of synthetic nitrogen fertiliser. 10 Forestry clubs of women formed in association with the Forest Department and planted and protected 15000 tree seedlings 500 village level environment awareness programmes part of National Environment Awareness Campaign Construction of a Checkdam that recharge ground water and regenerated 2. 5 KM of river bank and provide water for 300 acres of paddy cultivation. Earthern bunds and trenches in 10000 acres of land to check Soil and Water run off from hill slopes. Community based Drinking water supply to 9125 families under the world bank Project Planted screw pines and bamboos along the degraded karayi riverbank to rejuvenate the vegetation for 10km 


T.K Omana
RASTA Kambalakkad P.O Kalpetta, Wayanad Dist. Kerala, India Pin: 673121

Email: rasta_k@satyam.net.in
Website: www.rastaindia.org