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2005 will see the United Nations completing ten-year reviews of key environmental and sustainable development agreements on disaster reduction and Small Island Developing States. There will also be key meetings of the Conferences of Parties of conventions on wetlands, migratory species and desertification. 2005 also sees the start of the United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development, with UNESCO as the lead agency and UNEP as a key partner.

During the next two years the future of international forest governance will need to be determined. As new technologies come on line the issue of biotechnology is likely to present broadening challenges. Though Kyoto is an important step, responses to climate change will remain a perennial issue in coming decades.

As always, the effort towards sustainable development is a continuing struggle, and if it is to succeed it must be a collective one, involving international bodies, individual governments, civil society and the private sector in all nations.

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