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Millennium Summit+5 and Africa

The Millennium Summit +5 welcomed the substantial progress Africa has made in recent years, particularly in meeting its Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Among other successes, 14 countries are on track to get all children to school by 2015. Eight countries are on track in reversing the spread of HIV/AIDS, 13 countries are on target in reducing poverty, and 11 countries are on track in providing safe water to rural communities (ECA 2005).

The summit resolved to strengthen cooperation with the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD) by mobilizing external financial resources and facilitating approval of NEPAD programmes by multilateral financial institutions, as well as by supplementing the efforts of African countries to increase agricultural productivity in a sustainable way, as part of an African Green Revolution.

A Green Revolution in Africa, focussed on environmentally sustainable improvements in crop, land and water management methods, and on crop varieties more adapted to Africa’s environmental challenges, would boost the region’s food security and the economies of its member states. Since low yields are one of the major reasons why African farmers clear wildlife habitat for farming, it would also reduce the loss of biodiversity (Box 4) through habitat loss and fragmentation.

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