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About GEO Year Book 2006

The GEO Year Book 2006 is the third annual survey of the changing global environment produced by the United Nations Environment Programme, in collaboration with many world experts in environmental research and action.

The Year Book includes global and regional overviews. It highlights the linkages between environmental well-being, vulnerability and poverty; records recent findings on the value of ecosystem services; and describes new research findings on polar and ocean changes that may prove a turning point in the urgency of our awareness and response to global change.

A special feature focus analyzes the environmental, socio-economic and public health impacts of energy-related air pollution. The emerging scientific and policy challenges of crop production in a changing climate and fish and shellfish farming without damage to marine ecosystems are examined in detail.

The GEO Indicators provide an up-to-date, graphic snapshot of key trends in managing our planetary habitat. Essential, informative and authoritative reading for anyone with a role or an interest in our changing environment.

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