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About UNEP Year Book 2008

The UNEP Year Book 2008 (formerly the GEO Year Book) is the fifth report in this series on environmental challenges produced by UNEP in collaboration with some of the world’s leading environmental experts.

The 2008 Year Book highlights the increasing complexity and interconnections of climate change, ecosystem integrity, human well-being and economic development. It examines the emergence and influence of economic mechanisms and market-driven approaches to address environmental degradation. It also describes recent research findings and policy decisions that affect awareness of –and response to – environmental changes. more »

  Table of Contents
Achim Steiner
and Executive Director, United Nations Environment Programme
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Global Overview
 Calendar of Selected Events for 2007
  Focus on Climate Change
  Significant Climate Anomalies and Events in 2007
 Environmental Governance
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Feature Focus – Putting the Pieces Together:
Using markets and finance to fight climate change
 Taking Responsibility
 Carbon Markets—Cap-and-Trade
 The Future of Emissions Trading
The Role of Governments
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Emerging Challenges – Methane from the Arctic:
Global warming wildcard
 Arctic Climate Feedbacks
 Methane from Thawing Permafrost
 Methane from Hydrates
Changes in Nature
 Looking Ahead
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Table of Contents
Acronyms and Abbreviations

UNEP Year Book 2008: Breaking Down the Barriers to a Green Economy (12 March '08)
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