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Day 11: New York

My trusty companion, Micaela and I were booked on the 10am Amtrak train from Washington DC’s Union Station to New York City.  The 4 hour journey felt like seconds, but again who ever keeps track of time in business coach? We arrive in time for me to grab the long awaited hot dog I have craved for and to take a stroll down Times Square.  Besides the normal traffic flow of tourists, shoppers and busy New Yorkers, the square had Police at every corner on standby curb Wall Street protestors which were spreading like wildfire. I pay tribute to the shopping district and quickly head out.  What would a visit to NYC be without a trip to the United Nations H/Q? Although we arrive too late for the visitors’ tour, I manage to take a picture at the entrance.  What I must mention is NYC is closer to me than many American cities, having spent the first 9 years of my childhood in the city.  I visit my old school, which happens to be the United Nations International School located right by the Hudson River and stroll by the empire State building and the Chrysler building. Tomorrow I explore more of NYC.

At my old school


At the entrance to the United Nations Headquarters in New York