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Day 15: Miami

I have never seen so many environmental journalists in one place at the same time!!! Checking into the Inter Continental Miami took a good 30mins or so because of the string of journalists queued up.  Did I forget to mention I am the only journalist from Africa attending the conference? This should be interesting.  At the opening of the conference we got to share experiences and expectations of the conference.  It was then that I clearly realized that while the debate in the USA is more angled towards dealing with repercussions of how the country has handled the environment over the past years, the debate in Africa is more skewed towards how we are currently handling the environment to meet our economic and survival needs.  I made it clear to the conference that the developing world and Africa in particular is at a stage where the USA was 50 years ago.  How do we conserve water resources and yet use them meaningfully and sustainably? As I leave the opening session I recognize that this is going to be a very insightful conference.