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Day 17: Florida

With all the interesting sessions going on concurrently it has been madness figuring out which session to attend.  Friday was different. I knew I had to attend a session on “whether or not environmental issues impact ethnic groups disproportionately.” The speakers had some interesting points which do not differ greatly from the Africa question.  Richard Gragg, an associate professor at Florida’s A&M University couldn’t be more on point when he said the African-American community feels like they have more pressing things to talk about rather than the environment.  I raise the fact that the most important thing as journalists is to link the crucial impact of environmental degradation to issues these communities see as priorities e.g health, economic and social concerns.  Linking the use of firewood to respiratory illness and climate change to fall in GDP is bound to get the communities interested in environmental conservation and adopting Green economies.  Tonight is the closing dinner before I bid farewell to the US of A!!!