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Day 2: US Environmental Protection Agency

Day 2 of my visit took me to the US Environmental Protection Agency – who are also sponsoring part of my US visit. Maneuvering our way through the complex Ronald Reagan building where the offices are situated took a good 20 minutes or so before the day’s events started.  I was greeted by Cristina Mercurio, the African Program manager in the Office of International and Tribal Affairs, who took me through the structures and offices tasked with the difficult responsibility of regulating use of the environment. I cannot help but compare how well structured EPA is compared to offices tasked with similar duties in developing countries such as my own.  Despite the political and sometimes public whiplash against the agency, especially in the current difficult economic times, the EPA can be credited with effective performance.  The agency is in the process of developing a toolkit for further sde-mystifying and simplifying their work.

With Cristina and Larry Jackson at the EPA media office


At the White House