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Day 4: A visit to the Newseum<

I took time off to visit the world’s only interactive museum dedicated to the news.  The storied complex features some of the most memorable and news-making artifacts, ranging from a section of the Berlin Wall to one of the aerials of the World Trade Centre and even the suit worn by OJ Simpson during his infamous trial.  You will also find on display an array of old newspapers, radio and TV gadgets and even cars used by journalists who have handled news in the USA over the years. The Newseum is also the only museum in Washington where one has to pay a fee ($21) for entrance.  This fee goes towards maintenance of the modern complex that features interactive booths for the public to relive the great news stories of all time through multimedia exhibits and videos.  Children are also given the chance to create stories and live imaginary lives of reporters through interactive video games.

Next to a piece of the Berlin Wall


Next to an aerial from the World Trade center


Suit OJ Simpson wore at his infamous trial