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Day 5: Seattle

I must admit, prior to my visit , all I heard about Seattle was that it is a dull, rainy and cold town with its only claim to fame being the Space Needle that features in many TV programmes that come out of the town.  That said, visiting the Space Needle was on the top of my “to-do” list.  The weather held up on the first day of my visit and I managed to visit the needle that stands a few blocks away from the city centre.   Seattle is also the original home of the famous Starbucks coffee house and also features several Native American tribes. A visit to the Roosevelt High School newspaper desk opened my eyes to how much the youth are doing now in developed countries compared to developing countries such as mine where running a basic service such as a monthly school news paper appears to be a luxury many cannot afford.   I also managed a visit to the Snoqualmie Falls.  Despite being one of Washington’s most popular scenic attraction sites, the falls also features a hydro power dam, a 2 acre park, an observation deck and, of course, a gift shop.

At Roosevelt High School


At the hydro-plant/water falls in Seattle