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Casablanca, Morocco OzonAction event
To most efficiently help countries, UNEP CAP is organizing the Regional Network Meeting and Thematic Workshop to prepare countries to meet the 35% HCFC phase-out target of 2020 and compliance monitoring. Critical for the countries, also, is the establishment of HFC Licensing System, quota allocation, authorization, data collection and reporting, to ensure accurate reporting of HFC baseline data based on 2020-2022 consumption levels in 2024.
Port Vila, Vanautu (Republic of) OzonAction event
Events-Water drops
The main objectives of this workshop is for all 12 Pacific Island Countries to jointly provide feedback to the draft and to finalize the project document of the regional HPMP Stage II in the presence of all National Ozone Officers of the Pacific Island Countries.

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Managua, Nicaragua OzonAction event
Panama City, Panama OzonAction event

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