Private Sector Engagement

The actions of governments and civil society alone will not be enough for tackling our most pressing environmental challenges and for achieving the social and environmental dimension of the 2030 Agenda and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

As the leading voice on the environment, the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) is engaging the private sector as never before to bring about lasting solutions- moving away from the notion of incremental change to transformational change. This will help countries to leapfrog into sustainable development and avoid environmental degradation.

With an aim to scale up our corporate engagement with the private sector, a Private Sector Unit was established in 2018 to coordinate our work with the business community.

Why Private sector engagement matters

UNEP’s engagement with the private sector is to re-imagine how environmental sustainability work is done by promoting a culture of innovation and experimentation. The capacity to adapt in a rapidly changing environment is key to providing effective support to member States so that the SDGs are achieved.

The UN Environment Program ensures that all its partnerships with the private sector are linked to its overall mandate to tackle some of our planet’s greatest environmental challenges. These are defined through UNEP’s Medium-Term Strategy that maps out the vision and objectives of UNEP’s programmes over the next 4 years.

By setting pivotal track for sustainability and protection of the environment, UNEP is demonstrating a unity of purpose that places us more firmly on the path to a sustainable future.

Download the Strategy for Private Sector Engagement

Download the brochure on UNEP's Strategy for Private Sector Engagement



How the private sector can contribute to a Sustainable Financial System

UN Environment and the World Bank Group have released a report outlining how huge potential for the financial sector to contribute to a sustainable economy can be leveraged.


Documents, publications, and reports highlighting Private Sector Engagement with UN Environment Programme leading up to and during the UN Environment Assemblies.

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