UN Environment’s Africa Office

UN Environment’s Africa Office represents the organization and coordinates its work in the region. We work to ensure the effective and efficient delivery of interventions in response to regional, sub-regional and national needs. We also ensure better coherence and coordination in the effective delivery of environmental capacity-building and technical support at all levels in response to country needs and priorities.

UN Environment’s presence in Africa and other regions assists countries, sub-regions and regions to work towards an integrated delivery, achieved through global consensus and policy coherence on global agendas and environmental sustainability.  

Our work in Africa revolves around UN Environment’s seven thematic programmes: climate change, disasters and conflicts, ecosystems management, environmental governance, chemicals and waste, resource efficiency and environment under review.

We work through partnerships throughout the region to:

  • Implement national environment policies
  • Implement United Nations Development Frameworks
  • Implement multilateral environmental agreements
  • Develop local capacity through information sharing and best practices
  • Enhance dialogues, discussions and forums to foster increased awareness of views and solutions on environmental issues

African Member States benefit from UN Environment’s regional presence and delivery of the organization’s programme of work. Our achievements represent the collective efforts of UN Environment and partners, government institutions and ministerial forums, non-governmental agencies, regional economic communities, UN agencies, major groups and stakeholders, the private sector, local authorities and regional centres of excellence.