Global clean ports

UN Environment is implementing a global initiative to reduce harmful emissions from ports, including from ships, harbour craft and related sources.

Ports are a significant source of air pollution in coastal areas, with serious impacts on the environment and human health. Roughly three quarters of the world’s large cities are located on coasts, and half the global population lives within 60 km of an ocean. Reducing emissions from ports and other maritime sources can greatly improve air quality for billions of people, as well as significantly reduce global climate change.

Our partners in this work include the Governments of Canada and the United States, as well as the International Council on Clean Transportation and the Climate and Clean Air Coalition.

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Global ports hub

Since 2012, UNEP has been initiated program to reduce Particulate Matter Black Carbon (PM/BC) emissions from transport sector, particularly heavy duty diesel vehicles and engines. Learn more


Ports are a significant source of global air pollution around coastal areas, exposing people to serious health and environmental impacts. Read our latest reports and publications. Learn more

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